UPDATE ! Settlement reached in AK Draft Seal Strike

Updated Oct 7 2022:

A settlement has been reached in the strike at AK Draft Seal. The main issue was a living wage, The settlement includes a $2/ Hr. increase in year 1 with 3% and 3% in years 2 and 3. Congratulations to all of the members. Their solidarity has paid off.


Striking IAMAW Local 692 members from AK Draft Seal have entered their second month of job action. The strike began on Aug. 31 2022 after the companies “Best and Final Offer” was strongly reject by the employees. The main issue on the table is a living wage and the entire group are United in taking their increase in dollars and not percentages, the purpose is to uplift the bottom wage earners. Business Representative Andrew Tricker says ” In this Shop it is clear they are the Union and they have shown solidarity we all talk about but seldom experience.” The company did make a tentative counter offer yesterday, however the Bargaining Committee will not be putting this offer before the membership for a vote. The recent IAMAW Leadership II class at the William W Winpisinger Education and Technology Center showed support for the striking members.