Members at AK Draft Seal Strike For A Livable Wage

Thirty two members at two locations in Langley and Burnaby have walked off the job at AK Draft Seal in a fight for a livable wage. The Members have asked to have their wage brought up to $22./hr. The company came back with an offer that was less than desirable. This was rejected and they came back with .82/hr. on a 1 year contract. This led to a strike vote and into mediation. When mediation did not work, the union asked the mediator to book out. At this point the company came back with $1.00/hr. which the bargaining committee refused to take to a vote. This led the company to apply for a section 78 Labour Board voted best and final offer. This was rejected by 82% and led to the members going on strike as of Aug. 31. If you are able to, please come out and show our brothers and sister some support. Striking is never easy but we need to stand up for what we believe in or we will forever be walked on.