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Finning Bargaining July 25 Update


Your Bargaining Committee has been to the table over a dozen times since bargaining began in April, here is a brief description.

We have been able to gain some small improvements in benefits and allowances and achieved an improvement to travel time. We have been able to retain the language regarding seniority over skill and ability.

The company has been telling the employees, through their town hall meetings/all employee calls, that this year has been better than forecasts. The parts and service revenue numbers for all regions are in the black and are expected to continue in that direction. Some areas are experiencing difficulty in recruiting new employees and retaining current employees. Overtime is the norm, some employees are told to work as much overtime as they want.

We have concluded the majority of the language terms and we’re working to get to a monetary package that will satisfy all members. This is a difficult stage with the company wanting to contain costs and the committee trying to make amends for previous years of no increase and low percentages. Your bargaining committee feels that with the current economic conditions, this year is our best opportunity to recover for those lean years.

It was brought to the committee this morning that the company has leaked their wage proposal to the membership. This has been expressed as their best offer. The tradition of dealing with the issues at the bargaining table until we have a package that can be taken to the members has been lost. Your committee feels that this information has again weakened the fragile trust between the members and employer. Your committee will be discussing this turn of the events with the company.

Details will be shared shortly.

Your bargaining committee

New Canadian GVP Appointed

On Saturday, January 30 the delegates from District 250 came together for the first Delegates meeting of the year. A few very special guests were present at that meeting; International President, Robert Martinez, GVP Ricky Wallace, and Canadian GVP Dave Ritchie. Ritchie discussed his upcoming retirement on April 30 and announced his successor, 692’s own, Brother Stan Pickthall.


Left to right; Canadian GVP Dave Ritchie, IP Robert Martinez, and newly appointed GVP Stan Pickthall

Pickthall started as a 692 member working for Finning in 1984. He became a Business Rep for District 250 in 1994 and elected Directing Business Rep in 2005. In 2013 he was appointed Chief of Staff. On May 1, 2016 he will take over the role as Canadian General Vice President.

Officers and Members of Local 692 wish GVP Dave Ritchie all the best in his retirement and Brother Stan Pickthall congratulations and all the best in his new upcoming role.

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