Finning Bargaining – July Update

The bargaining committees met for 2 days last week and dealt with most of the remaining non-monetary proposals.

The outstanding language issues are regarding skill and ability for posting opportunities and layoff, students, and classification definitions.

Monetary issue discussions will be continued, our next round of meetings in 2 weeks.

Your Bargaining Committee continues to remind the company that job security is paramount to the members and is not negotiable.



Finning Bargaining Update – May 8

Attention Bargaining Unit Employees

The Union and the Company Bargaining Committees met 3 days last week, Monday thru Wednesday.

The discussions included were regarding breaks, stat pay, accommodations, OT bank, meal and tool allowances, classifications, probation periods, postings, vacation, sick leave, recall, apprentices, and the ThinkBIG program.

A number of Letters of Understanding that were no longer applicable were not renewed. Other letters were amended to reflect their current practices. Monetary items have not been discussed to date,

Your Bargaining Committee has made it clear to the company that the employees #1 concern is job security. Secondly that there is no appetite to go backwards this set of negotiations.

Next bargaining dates are May 29, 30 and 31 then the week of June 26. Any questions? Contact your Regional Bargaining Committee Representative.

Finning Bargaining – Update Apr 18/19

Attention Bargaining Unit Employees


The Union and the Company Bargaining Committee met Tuesday and Wednesday this week to get a further understanding of their respective proposals. The Company provided clarity on a number of their proposal positions including temporary transfer language, bank time provisions, benefits information, recall, classifications, and apprentices. The Company asked for clarity on Union proposals regarding shift selection and notification, overtime distribution and travel time.


The Union provided the Company with clarity on some of your proposals, hours of work, call time, statutory holiday pay, leave of absence, call in, bereavement, PPE/First Aid and seniority recall/retention.


We were able to agree on language changes that reflected current practice and to clean up some redundant language and typos.


Next bargaining dates are May 1, 2, 3 and 29, 30 and 31

Local Lodge 692 Bylaw Amendment Notice

Please review the Bylaw Amendment Notice and current Bylaws

Lodge 692 By Law Amendment Notice January 2017

692 Bylaws

Proposed Bylaw Amendments

Bylaw Amendment – Women and Young Workers Committee

Bylaw Amendment – Gender Neutrality

Bylaw Amendment Article II Quorum

Bylaw Amendment Article III Dues

Bylaw Amendment Article II Meetings

Bylaw Amendment Article 5 Expenses Home Station

Bylaw Amendment Article 5 Exec tipend


New Canadian GVP Appointed

On Saturday, January 30 the delegates from District 250 came together for the first Delegates meeting of the year. A few very special guests were present at that meeting; International President, Robert Martinez, GVP Ricky Wallace, and Canadian GVP Dave Ritchie. Ritchie discussed his upcoming retirement on April 30 and announced his successor, 692′s own, Brother Stan Pickthall.


Left to right; Canadian GVP Dave Ritchie, IP Robert Martinez, and newly appointed GVP Stan Pickthall

Pickthall started as a 692 member working for Finning in 1984. He became a Business Rep for District 250 in 1994 and elected Directing Business Rep in 2005. In 2013 he was appointed Chief of Staff. On May 1, 2016 he will take over the role as Canadian General Vice President.

Officers and Members of Local 692 wish GVP Dave Ritchie all the best in his retirement and Brother Stan Pickthall congratulations and all the best in his new upcoming role.

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Are you registered to vote?

As we all know, the Federal Election will be taking place October 19 and we are asking all of our eligible members to get out and vote! The last federal election showed that the majority of eligible voters did not vote. Perhaps you work long shifts or are out of town, or you’re simply unsure of the process – we can help you with that!

Start by registering to vote by going to the Elections Canada site. Once you’re registered you will receive an information card from Elections Canada (information cards will be mailed out to all registered voters on September 25.) If you are a first time voter or just need a refresher on the process, please review the Voter’s Guide from Elections Canada.

If you just can’t make it to the polls on October 19, please take the time to vote early or by mail. You can vote at your nearest Elections Canada office up until October 13. You can also vote on the advanced polling days (you’ll find the when and where on your voter information card.) You can also apply for a special ballot to be mailed in. For more information on any of these options or to apply for a special ballot voting kit, please visit Ways to Vote on the Elections Canada website.

If you have any questions or concerns with the voting process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with someone from your Political Action/Membership Engagement Committee and we’ll try and help you out the best we can.

Political Action/Membership Engagement Committee:

Roland Sturt-Smith –

Amanda Pascuzzi –